1 Year Ago We Released The First Ghost

Hey Ghost Operators and Ghost Fans,

We have some exciting news!

Spaulding International Cinema has been producing Ghosts for the public for exactly one year. One year ago, July 10th, 2013, we launched our Kickstarter to bring The Ghost to you. We’ve been slowly updating The Ghost as we go, finding better settings, better mechanics, and more options for our customers. And now, we’re ecstatic to tell you we’re releasing a new model: The Ghost V2.

So, what’s new about it?

We’ve updated all the mechanics. The Ghost is now stronger and easier to use. We’ve made balancing a cinch by adding adjustable knobs.

The handlebar is now one continuous piece of carbon fiber with new grips. This makes it stronger and lighter.

The back roll bar has been swapped out for a stronger aluminum bar with easy adjusting and no slipping.

We’ve housed the Pan motor in a protective enclosure so it’s not supporting all the camera weight and doesn’t need to work as hard.

We’ve also encased the electronics in small aluminum cases. So now, there is less bulk in the back.

The Mode Switch has been relocated, isn’t as bulky, and has 5 programmable modes.

We will be posting photos on our Facebook and Instagram and blogs as we get closer to the release date. The Ghost V2 should be ready to ship by the end of July.

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