About Us::

Spaulding International Cinema (SIC) is based in the beautiful valley of Missoula, MT.  The SIC team is composed of energetic and outgoing individuals who are passionate about relaying the beauty of our world and it’s people through digital cinema.  We are on the front edge of camera technology and strive to produce the highest quality equipment at an affordable cost.

SIC is a full production house. We begin with the idea, conceptualize, pre-produce, produce and film everything needed, and even edit the final product. We own and operate a full array of HD video cameras and professional audio equipment. We freelance our services for projects small and large. We film everything from Feature Films to small local Commercials and Real Estate Properties.

How We Began Producing the Ghost::

SIC is one of the first companies to produce a brushless camera stabilizer. Although we are a full production house, we specialize in designing and producing professional camera equipment. The first Ghost was designed in the fall of 2012. The product went through many changes until we began a Kickstarter campaign in August 2013. Thanks to all of our supporters we had a very successful Kickstarter and began production on a large scale. Ever since then we have been listening to our customers’ needs and wants and improving the design.

We come from a film background, so we are constantly testing our own equipment in the field. Between mixing our experience and our customers’ reviews, we strive to develop quality, lightweight, and user-friendly camera equipment.

Take your filmmaking to a new level and purchase The Ghost.

SIC’s Philosophy:

To produce equipment and videos that convey the wonder and beauty surrounding all of us.

Spaulding International Cinema President/CEO:  Jesse Spaulding

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