The Ghost V4 – Pre Order SALE

The Ghost V4 is now available to order. This is a Four-axis gimbal! What? That’s right four axes of stabilization all in one compact unit.

This is a pre-sale. It’s not too late to order before the holidays and give the gift of Gimbals : )

The V4 will be ready to ship in November, so we are offering a special pre-sale price.


P1090724 large - The Ghost V4 - Pre Order SALE

Drone Mount for the V3

Production is underway and everything is coming together very nicely. We are projecting to have the first batch of the V3 gimbals completed by the end of April and to finish up production in May.

We have also completed a vibration dampening mount for the V3. This mount has a quick-release attachment and can be mounted to rails under a multirotor/drone or mounted to other accessories.

We just added this as an additional pledge level, so please check it out and share it.

Vibration Dampener on V3 large - Drone Mount for the V3
Vibration Dampener large - Drone Mount for the V3

Tips and Tricks “App”

This video shows you how to use the app with your Ghost.

The pairing code is “0000”. Once you have connected you can control almost all of the Ghosts settings wirelessly.

Tips and Tricks “BUZZER”

Every week we will release some tips and tricks you can do with the Ghost. Everything can be found in the manual, but sometimes videos are easier to check out and understand:

Ghost V3 Battery

We have created a new battery for the Ghost V3. This battery is 14.4v, 2400mah, and has a built-in voltage indicator to check how much battery life is left.

The battery snaps into place on the V3 and lasts 2-3 hours.

Ghost V3 battery large 9da1c5b7 f2cb 478b 9a5e 9576315d03ca - Ghost V3 Battery

Review after NAB

All the secrets are out from NAB and we are happy to say that no camera stabilizer can compete with the new features on the Ghost V3.

With our lightweight rail system, you can fit any size camera. The V3 adjust with quick-release levers in any direction, so you can even fit longer bodied video cameras.

We have built-in encoders in each motor and dual sensors to optimize the performance. This allows precise stability to ± 0.02°.

The V3 also runs off a standard Sony BP U-30 battery.

Only 3 more hours to donate on Kickstarter, and we can ship as early as the end of the month.

After Kickstarter, we will begin taking pre-orders on our website but at full retail price.

Ghost V3 free joystick kickstarter large - Review after NAB

Last Day on Kickstarter

Thanks so much to all of our backers so far. We are so close to hitting our stretch goal of $50,000. If we do hit this, we will be shipping the Ghost V3 in a custom, hardshell ABS case.

We know you guys want to see more videos of the gimbals in action, so we will continue to upload videos demonstrating how awesome all of the Ghost Gimbals are.

Below is a video shot with the Ghost Grip and the iPhone 6.

It’s super small, lightweight, and sets up in seconds.

Only one more day to order on Kickstarter and then all the gimbals will be back up to retail price on our website:

Ghost Pro II, Lenzhound, GH4

We set up the Ghost Pro II with the Lenzhound follow focus on the Panasonic GH4.

This video shows how we set everything up. Depending on what lens you use, you might need to get creative with balancing because the lenzhound adds a lot of weight to the front. However, this setup worked great as is.

Two more days on Kickstarter:

We have also decided on using the ABS hardshell cases. The majority vote won. So if we hit $50,000 everyone will have their Ghost V3 shipped in a free customized case.

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