Follow Focus

Some of you guys have wanted the option to mount a follow focus to the V3 and Ghost Pro II.

We have now finished production on the follow focus attachment. This will connect easily on the V3 and Pro II and allow you to mount whatever wireless follow focus you decide to operate.

follow focus parts large - Follow Focus

You can purchase this option on Kickstarter in the next nine days for $50. If you have already pledged to our Kickstarter and want to add this option, then just increase your current pledge $50 and make a note to include the follow focus.

After Kickstarter, it will be for sale on our website for $100.

The Lenzhound is one company we have worked with who develops wireless follow focus. They also used Kickstarter to get their business up and running.  We will be making an instructional video using their unit on the Ghost later in the month.

Please share our Kickstarter. We only have 9 days to go.

follow focus 1 large - Follow Focus
follow focus 2 large - Follow Focus
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