Ghost Drone Mounts and Accessories

Our company began aerial filming with multirotors when the equipment was first developed in Germany around 2010. The first Ghost Drone took about 3 months to solder and program and now we have the build for a professional unit down to a day.

The technology has come a long way, but the backbone for getting quality aerial shots is having a quality camera stabilizer. In 2010 Jesse Spaulding built the first vibration dampening system. (View the video below). The original mount was built with memory foam and a couple carbon fiber plates. The DYI system worked well and was the beginning of the aerial inventions.

New Drone Mount


Drone Gimbal - Full Package for GoPro or Flir

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Some History

First Vibration Dampening System in 2011

Then in 2013 Jesse produced motorized camera stabilizers for drones. Every invention was developed to improve aerial filming. Drones are easily affected by wind and if the blades are not balanced than addition vibrations we be present in the video quality.

All of these consideration have led to the development of the Ghost. We are continually listening to customer feedback and improving on previous models.

Beginning with our new Ghost V3 model we will be releasing drone attachments. The focus is on keeping the gimbal lightweight and easy to use for both handheld and aerial filming.