Joystick Connection

Depending of the model of Ghost you have, the joystick and connecting wires might vary. Please scroll through the photos and instructions until you find the corresponding joystick.

Thumb Control Connection on the V3

Thumb Control 20150723_100115

  1. Red= +3.3v
  2. Black= s/-
  3. Other single pin wire= BNT
  4. 3-Pin Wire= A1,2,3
  5. Colors may not correspond the exact same way as the photos above

Note: If the direction of movement is the opposite of what you want then “INVERSE” it in the software. Or if the Roll, Pitch, or Yaw do not correspond correctly then you can switch the A1,2,3 in the software to match the correct axis.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.53.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.54.26 AM



GUI for joystick

software for joystick

Pro Joystick on Ghost Pro II (First models)

  • Remove 4 hex screws on the side of the main controller to access the controller (right side below the power switch)
  • Feed the cables up through the bottom hole by the main controller.
  • Remove the two black wires for the mode switch.
  • Connect the wires according to the diagram above or reference the photo below.
  • Joystick mode is programmed for three pushes of the mode switch, however, you will most likely need to customize the settings in the software.New Joystick
  • Pro II joystick connection

Pro Joystick on 32bit mini board.

IMG_1323 IMG_1324

In the RC tab:

  • Make sure to select the Pitch and Yaw as ADC1-analog and ADC2-analog. If you want the operations reversed then you can reverse the Pitch and Yaw here.
  • Selecting Speed mode will allow you to move the joystick and have it hold that position even when the joystick goes back to center. Speed mode is recommended.
  • Set your Min and Max angles. If you want the joystick movement reversed then switch the -180 to 180 and visa-versa. This means you push the joystick up and you want the camera movement to go up vs down then switch the negative number to a positive number.
  • LPF is set to 5 and removes the jitters from quickly moving to stopping. The value may vary depending on your model of Ghost
  • We also set the limited Accelerations at the very bottom of the page to around 300. This affects how quickly your joystick responds.

In the Advanced Tab:

  • Gyro trust is set around 20. If this number is too high then the horizon might start drifting.
  • Adjust your Pitch and Yaw trip, so the camera does not move when the joystick is stationary. This number is custom to every Ghost.
  • The Expo curve is set to 50 and allows the speed of the camera in increase exponentially as the joystick is pushed further from the center.