Battery with Voltage Indicator

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The Ghost Battery is a 3000mah Lithium Ion Battery offering up to 3 hours of battery life to your Ghost. This is an easy and worry free solution to power your Ghost. To charge, simply plug the charger into the wall, turn your battery “ON”, and plug it into the charger anytime and anywhere. The charger has a built in slow cycle so you can maximize the battery’s life.

Recommended to purchase 4-5 batteries for a full 12 hour day of shooting.


Please watch instructional video here: Charging Battery



12 Volts


DC connection

ON/OFF Switch

Voltage Indicator to determine when the battery needs to be charged.

Battery Performance:  1.5-3 hour run time (depends on camera weight and program settings)

Charger (input range 110-240V AC50/60Hz)

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