The Ghost V2 - Basic Package

  • Take your filming to the next level with The Ghost. The Ghost camera stabilizer is designed for SLR's and smaller video camera (1-5 pounds).


    The Ghost comes fully assembled and ready to operate. We test everything before we ship. You simply need to balance your camera, turn on the Ghost, and begin your shot.The Ghost has five pre-programmed modes, allowing a very versatile operation.


    • Supports cameras 1 - 5 pounds
    • 3 brushless motors for the pan, roll, and tilt
    • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber and aluminum construction
    • Mode Switch with 5 pre-programmed modes
    • Easy adjusting knobs (for balancing)
    • 32 bit control board powered by Basecam
    • Protective covers over the electronics
    • Custom molded carbon fiber grip bar for lightweight durability
    • Robust roll bar
    • 2-3 hours of battery life
    • Easy charge lithium ion battery
    • On/OFF switch
    • Customer Support via phone/email or online forum
    • Upgradable – easily add a joystick, remote control, or customized settings.


      1. Mode 1: Follow Mode The Camera slowly tracks your movements.
      2. Mode 2: Lock Mode – The operator can move any direction and camera stays locked in one position.
      3. Mode 3: Joystick Mode – Manually operate the pan and tilt with a joystick.
      4. Mode 4: Calibrate Gyro – The Ghost calibrates the gyro at start-up, but you can use this mode for calibration.
      5. Mode 5: Calibrate ACC – This is a built in "fail-safe" to calibrate your sensor.
        Modes can also be customized in the software. Other example modes: faster follow mode, inverted mode, turn motors off/on, set tilt angles by hand...



          • The Ghost Fully Assembled
          • Battery (Quantity 1)
          • Charger

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ** Estimated ship time is 2-3 business days


          Although the Ghost is tested with a camera before shipping, it does not come pre-tuned or balanced for your specific camera setup. Customers will be responsible for tuning and balancing their camera. We can provide example profiles upon request.

        • Supported camera weight with accessories 1 - 5 pounds (0.5 - 2.25kg)
          Battery Life
          2-3 hrs
          Material Carbon fiber and Aluminum
          Accepted Camera Dimensions
          18cm (W) x 20cm (H) x 30cm (L)
          Gimbal Weight 1995 grams
        • Why buy the Ghost?

          Aside from our lower price, we strive to make one of the best quality, lightweight gimbals that is easy to balance and operate. We are proud to offer one of the lightest gimbals on the market. If you operate a camera stabilizer for any period of time you will know that a lightweight device is very important. Using a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Ghost remains lightweight and durable.


          Why Choose the Ghost V2 vs the Pro?

          The main difference is how heavy of a camera you want to mount. If your camera is pushing 5-10lbs, the Pro version is for you. If your camera setup is 1-5lbs then the V2 might be right for you. The V2 motors are smaller, creating a light setup, so there is less fatigue when operating.


          How heavy of a camera can be supported?

          Camera, lens, and accessory combinations from 1-5 pounds. Anything added above the grip bar is not factored into this weight limit. i.e. monitor. Depending on the weight of your setup, the power settings will need to be adjusted. You can email us for sample profiles for different camera setups.


          How long does the battery last?

          The supplied battery will last from 90 to 150 minutes. Battery life depends on how heavy of a camera you are flying and what your power is set to in the GUI.


          Can I attach a monitor?

          Yes, you will want to purchase the accessory mount and then you can attach any accessory to the top of the grip bar.


          Can I control the Ghost with a joystick or remote control?

          The Ghost is easily adapted to be controlled by a joystick or remote control. Both are sold separately, but we have instructional videos on how to set those up.

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