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The Ghost V3 is the most adjustable camera stabilizer on the market.

Weight, adjustability, and precise camera movement have been three key focuses going into the development of the Ghost V3. We want the camera operator to have freedom and mobility to capture creative shots. If a gimbal is heavy, you need to use a secondary support system to hold your gimbal and camera. These systems limit your movement, cost more, and require more gear to bring from set to set. With the new Ghost V3 and a lightweight camera, you can operate all day long without any limitations.

The Ghost V3 uses a patent-pending mini rail system for adjusting each axis. The rails can be changed out for different sizes, so you can balance any size camera. There is a weight limit of five pounds due to the torque of the motors, but the goal is to keep everything lightweight. If you need to support a heavier camera then look into our Ghost Pro II, which can support up to 12lb.

Setup Video

Other instructions can be found here:

Key Features

Custom Motors

We have taken the Ghost to the next level with built-in encoders (sensors) in the motors. The motors have been completely redesigned. Unlike the rest of the gimbal market, we are now using motors with encoders built-in. We have customized every aspect of the motor for optimal performance. The built-in encoders have the following advantages:

    • Prevents motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps. The motors will always return to the intended position.
    • It provides information about the frame and camera angle.
    • Significantly decreases power consumption by using a field-oriented control strategy to drive motors. This allows you to use a smaller battery or increases your run time on the current battery.
    • Increases instant torque.
    • It provides the possibility to get information about the camera balance.
    • Option to adjust camera position by hand.
    • Increases the precision of stabilization by applying field-orientated control.


One thing we have learned over the years is that everyone wants a gimbal to be easy to adjust and adapt to every camera setup. With our patent-pending rail design you can swap rails out for any desired length, which means you can balance any size camera < 5lbs.   Here are the Features:

  • Adjustment marks to get the gimbal balanced perfectly every time.
  • Threaded Rods for easy replacement or swapping out sizes.
  • Adjustable on either side of the motor to get the perfect length.

Quick Releases Everywhere!

Multirotor Mount

You can mount the Ghost V3 directly to your drone. Because the V3 is so light, it is the perfect companion for getting smooth aerial footage. With the top quick release, it’s easy to remove the grip bar and attach the ghost under any multirotor. We are producing a separate mount for attaching to a drone.


The Ghost easily breaks down, so you can pack it in a carry-on for travel.

New Controller with Built-in Bluetooth

We redesigned the controller to utilize motor encoders. We also included a Bluetooth device, so you can connect with your phone or computer without using any cables.

Auto Calibrate

If you don’t have much or any experience calibrating a gimbal, then the Ghost has a new Auto Calibrate mode to set appropriate settings for your specific camera setup. Always make sure to save your current settings before changing them.

Inverted Mode

If you want higher angle shots, then simply flip the Ghost upside-down for an inverted mode. The Ghost can work either way without even needing to change the mode.

Follow Mode

This is the same mode we have been using on our current models, but it can easily be customized for your specific operating style. In the follow mode the Ghost will automatically track your movements whether you are tilting up and down or panning left and right. The horizon will always stay locked in a level position unless you change that option in the settings.


  • Ghost V3
  • Stand
  • Accessory Mount
  • Follow Focus mount
  • Joystick
  • Battery (1x)
  • Charger
  • Custom Hard Case
  • Mode 1: Follow Mode The Camera slowly tracks your movements.
    Mode 2: Lock Pitch – The Yaw will follow your movement, but the pitch stays locked in one position.
    Mode 3: Joystick Mode/Lock Mode – Manually operate the pan and tilt with a joystick (sold separately).
    Mode 4: Open for customization

    Mode 5: Calibrate ACC – This is a built-in “fail-safe” to calibrate your sensor.
    Hold Mode Switch: Calibrates Gyro – The Ghost calibrates the gyro at start-up, but you can use this mode for calibration.
    The inverted mode is achieved by flipping the gimbal upside-down in follow mode or by restarting in an inverted mode.
  • Modes can also be customized in the software. Other example modes:  turn motors off/on, set tilt angles by hand, faster follow mode ** Allow 1-2 days for shipping
Supported camera weight with accessories 1 – 5 pounds (0.5 – 2268g)
Accepted Camera Dimensions Any size camera with interchangeable rods (longer rods may be needed for larger cameras)
Gimbal Size 20x13x13in (W,L,H) 50x33x33cm
Hard Case Size 20x16x8 (W,L,H)  50x40x20cm
 Gimbal Weight 4lbs 12oz, 2155g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why buy the Ghost?

Aside from our competitive price, we strive to make one of the best quality gimbals that is easy to balance and operate. We were one of the first companies to develop a brushless gimbal, so we know this technology inside and out and our customer service can assist in any questions you might have. The V3 is very user-friendly and can work with any camera and easily be attached to any device. The Ghost V3 is the most adjustable camera stabilizer on the market.

Why Choose the V3 vs the Pro II?

The main difference is how heavy a camera setup you want to mount. If your camera is between 1-12lbs, the Pro version is for you. If your camera is 5lbs or under you will want the V3. The V3 is much lighter, so it will be less fatigue on your arms.

How heavy of a camera can be supported?

Camera, lens, and accessory combinations from 1 – 5 pounds. Anything added above the grip bar is not factored into this weight limit. i.e. monitor

How long does the battery last?

The supplied battery will last from 90 to 180 minutes. Battery life depends on how heavy of a camera you are flying and what your power is set to in the GUI. With the incorporation of encoders, you will get a much longer battery life than other gimbals.

Can I attach a monitor?

Yes, you will want to purchase the accessory mount and then you can attach any accessory to the top of the grip bar.

Can I control the Ghost with a joystick or remote control?

The Ghost is easily adapted to be controlled by a joystick or remote control. Both are sold separately, but we have instructional videos on how to set those up.

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