Newest Software, Firmware, and Manual can be downloaded directly from Basecam here:

All Ghost Gimbals operate on the 32bit controller.

Mac Users:

You can now use the software on Mac. Make sure to download the GUI for your mac from the link above as well as install the Mac OSX driver from the page below. Without the proper driver, the USB connection will not work. With the newest firmware, you can also update firmware on a Mac. Older versions of firmware you must do firmware updates on a PC.

Sometimes the order matters for connecting to a Mac.

  1. Turn on your Ghost (If you want to motors to power up). 5v power is also supplied through the USB cable.
  2. Plug it in with USB
  3. Open the GUI Software – should say SimpleBGC_GUI.jar   Sometimes you have to “control” click to open the software for the first time on a mac.
  4. Then you can select the appropriate connection (/dev/tty.usb) and hit connect.
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