The V3 Just Got Lighter

We are more than 2/3rds funded thanks to everyone who has already helped back our project.

There are only 3 more Ghost V3’s left at the $1595 price point, so if you’re looking at purchasing don’t miss out on this offer.

Kickstarter Link:

We just did some final tweaks on the design to cut some more weight. The original elbows on the V3 gimbal were a little bulky, so we slimmed down the design and cut 100g off the total weight. This doesn’t compromise the strength but allows us to make the V3 even lighter.

See attached drawings for more details:

Z ZJHIJT UP MZ650E4 FM large - The V3 Just Got Lighter
XR 82ZN1LX LZ W 5X56W large - The V3 Just Got Lighter
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