Updated Firmware: 2_50b2

If you are currently an owner of the Ghost, we have released a new version of Firmware.

Before updating or making any changes in the software please save your current settings.

You can upload the newest firmware from this link:

Here is what has been updated:

  • User-written scripts (see Language Reference and user manual)
  • IMU temperature calibration and compensation.
  • New tool “Analyze” to make an analysis of system response.
  • Notch filters have an adjustable gain (0..100%)
  • “Motor outputs” settings group is changed to the per-profile basis
  • GUI and firmware support Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) module communication (experimental)
  • New setting group “Outer PI controller” to adjust values for outer (cascade) PI controller (default value is 100 suit most setups)
  • New option “Swap frame and main sensors” to use frame IMU as main IMU and vice versa
  • New option “Gyro deadband” to cut off gyro noise around zero (that may be audible as ‘white noise’ in heavy setups)
  • New option “I2C high-speed”. Use it carefully: high-speed mode may cause I2C errors.


  • Frame upside-down command loads default profile after reset
  • frame upside-down detection doesn’t work if “skip gyro calibration” is disabled.
  • acceleration limiter does not work properly with the big speed setting in the “Follow” mode: camera overshoots target position

ENCODER version:

  • New encoder type “Analog”.
  • Different encoder types may be assigned to a different axis
  • Option to adjust sound volume in the ‘beep by motors’ mode in the ‘Service’ tab
  • Bug fixed: frame upside-down switching is not correct
  • Several bugs fixed related to encoder calibration
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